Homeownership OC is a nonprofit HUD Approved Housing agency that promotes financial improvement, housing opportunities and homeownership. Formally known as OC HOC, our mission is to promote and preserve the dream of home ownership through outreach, education, counseling, and financing. Homeownership OC works to educate the public, especially the low income and underserved populations, on all aspects of owning or renting a home. We are a one stop shop and a free resource here to assist the community with all their housing related issues. From renting to buying a home, to credit improvement and more, Homeownership OC works to ensure the community has the most up to date information and comprehensive resources easily accessible. This includes offering housing counseling and educational workshops to help individuals better understand housing situations, build assets, and improve overall financial wellbeing. Since our inception in 2007, we have counseled more than 15,100 homeowners on options to save their home from foreclosure, credit, homeownership and down payment programs and held more than 66 Home Preservation, Home Buying, Avoiding Real Estate Scams and Fraud, and Financial Educational Workshops throughout Orange County.


Homeownership OC’s main goal is assisting potential home buyers with the complete process of buying a home from start to finish. We offer Home Buyer Orientation, Boost Your Credit, Budgeting, Savings and Down Payment Assistance, Home Buyer Educational Workshops and one on one coaching to ensure success. Our goal is to provide a one stop resource to help prepare first time homeowners for the home buying process from start to finish. Homeownership OC provides an overview of the home buying process; what is needed to purchase a home; an overview of down-payment assistance programs; how to shop for a lender and realtor; and an overview of the educational resources and programs to prepare you towards homeownership. We also assist clients who need rental, financial, foreclosure prevention coaching to help ensure housing is achievable and sustainable.

Financial & Credit Coaching and Education

Home Buying Coaching and Education

Budget and Saving Coaching and Education

Down Payment Program Education and Counseling

Foreclosure Prevention Coaching and Education

Rental Coaching and Education

Post Purchase Coaching and Education